The company was founded on the belief that technology will progress the way human interacts with others.

Our technology with base on messaging stack has evolved into an exciting mobile platform used as a Unified Collaboration Solution by many companies. Our customers that we serve are in Logistics, Automotive, Food and Beverage, Telecommunication, Properties, Industrial Manufacturing, Facility Services, Financial Services.

Value Propositions

Your valued global business partner in mobile data service, platform management and content delivery


To establish

as a global mobile data platform & exchange or a traffic hub for services such as SMS, MMS, Mobile Content, etc

To keep pace

with changing trends and technology developments in mobile data services, platform management and content delivery

To be the Prime in the marketplace

and provide products and services that are consistently recognized as the best-in-class while ensuring sustainable financial returns to both our shareholders and partners.


Our Services

Productivity Communications

Messaging •
Data Point •
Task Assignment •
Multi-Approval •
Master Data Validation •
Galleries •
Market Research •
Trouble Ticketing Handling •
Auto-Generated Reporting •
Back-end Integration •

Dynamic Workflow


Channeling Indonesian Youth Voice

Young Indonesian voice for youth and teenager issues now plays very important role on modern day’s policy making. Government agency will greatly supported do analysis and translate it into right Policy and Program that will create positive changes for Youngster’s life. Dartmedia collaborating with UNICEF creates U-Report program where Young Indonesian able to voice their opinions upon their issues by use of social media and SMS system. The system garnered Youth voices to be analyzed and discussed with Government counterpart to make the positive changes. U-Report address multi youth and teenager issues ranging from women’s discrimination, child abuse, National President Election criteria among many others. This create positive impact for Youngster quality life through their active participation and great collaboration with the Government.

Early Warning Alert

Fact is 57% Indonesian area considered as disaster prone. This has put many civilian’s lives exposed to the potential threat and impact of natural disaster events. Fatalities and material loss can be diminished by availability of Early Warning System for various natural disasters such earthquake, tsunami, extreme weather and other disaster type. Dartmedia collaborating with Indonesian Agency for Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysics as well major operators Telkomsel, XL Axiata, Indosat Ooredoo, Hutchison 3 has launch SMS Disaster Warning system to provide civilians with early warning system that enable them make necessary preparation golden times, prevention and protection toward the upcoming potential natural disaster events. The system also works effectively to reduce disadvantageous panic situation that naturally happens toward such upcoming events among civilians.

Improve Maternal and Newborn Care

Maternal and infant deaths high rates still remain serious problems and threat for mother and babies across Indonesia. These can be prevented and brought to low rates through availability of good reference system for suitable and proper maternity hospital. Interactive communication between Health and Facility Department with general public also play very important role. Dartmedia with SIjariEMAS program helps protect mother maternity and baby infant death risk by create information technology and communication system to provide good reference for them, both referral emergency or planned referral. This also served as communication tools between Health and Facility Department with the public.

Schooling Presence Monitoring

Student parents today faced with new problems for their kids at school. Skipping school deliberately increase with many form of temptations take place outside the school that impact students for such unwanted behavior. Even attending school doesn’t mean students free from other temptations or threat that takes place in many form as result of unmonitored activity after schooling hour. Dartmedia collaborating with Indosat and Cirebon City Government launched E-Presence Schooling program through effective apps system to ensure parents keep well informed on presence in classes and exact time when classroom already over. This effectively assure high class attendance as well effective tools to monitor students should classroom hour already over.

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